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  Babes and Cars   


     Anywhere in the world, a man want just 3 things: money, babes and a beautiful car. I have a concept "If you have money ... then you can have a nice car, and when is a sexy car and money ... there are THE BABES (in the car)!"

   In this site you find a nice collection of babes and cars pictures. Have fun!

Hot Tuning Cars

    Now ... you have a car, you have girls, but you want more!?  Yes... is a unique car! You must go to the tuning services, buy unique pieces to prepare you car  ... this can atract more girls in your car.

   If you want some ideas .. please see our tuning collection!

The Car Show Girls  

     No show without girls! This conception work everywhere on the world. A beautiful girl can sell better a car with just a smile.

    See our Car Show Babes Pics! 

  2 Fast 2 Furious Wallpapers

    The Fast and Furious series was first movies dedicated totally to tuning cars passionates, and with over 200 milion $ revenues and a summer hit (Tokyo Drift) these movies fascinated the world!

   Here you can see some wallpapers of movies!

Cool Cars&Girls Wallpapers

     If you like cars and girls, it's normally to have a cool wallpaper on your desktop... then  you must view the Cars & Girls Wallpapes Collection!

Just Babes Wallpapers

     Special for you ... a wallpapers collection with "JUST" Babes! :)  Alyssa Milano, Halle Barry, Jessica Alba, Jenna Jameson, Jenifer Lopez was just some names ... Have fun!

 Nice Movies  

    You can see some movies with sexy babes on cars, cool cars show girls ... Try ...

  Fun & Games

     Try a collection with the best online games with cars and motos! I'm sure that if you have time you fing something to play! Have fun!

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